Thursday, 7 August 2014

Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin

Lyric:- 'With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had' - Plant & Page

Song Choice:- On my MdS Training Day with Jon Kattenberg, this track came to me as we were talking about our particular essential music tracks to take to Morocco. Funnily enough Plant's lyrics were heavily influenced by his own Moroccan experiences and that also seems quite apt.

Sometimes it easy to forget just how GOOD running can be but in a week where I've heard the term 'Energy Vampire' more than ever, it was really refreshing to spend a day with Jon. He's a natural energy giver, glass overflowing type chap so yesterday's MdS Coaching was just a great day in the office for me. Even the lovely boys at Lavernock Point were outin force yesterday to cheer us on...what more could you ask for?

After that highlight, I co-hosted a Webinar with Triathlon Coach Simon Ward aimed at anyone undertaking a Multi-Day Desert Race in April. We had a good audience listen in too and it's something I will definately do again soon.

Until then, it's another trip to Penarth tomorrow with Charlie Tuke-Hastings and more cups of tea on the Pier and Dinosaur Footprints...

There's more sunshine planned too just like it was in 1976 when good old Zeppelin were leading the way and hopefully there's more fun and dreams to come...

More tomorrow... now where's my Kaftan.

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