Sunday, 31 August 2014

Misty Mountain Hop - Zeppelin

Lyric:- 'Over the hills where the spirits fly' - Page, Plant & Jones

Song choice:- Led Zep IV has been in my collection for nearly 40 years and even though it was released in 1971 it's still fresh today and includes the eternal Stairway to Heaven, which I could have also chosen too.

Well my spirits have certainly been flying and I did see the misty Dublin Mountains today with my #MdS15 Runners who live in Ireland in preparation for next year's race.

Now they say that there's nothing like an Irish welcome and I wouldn't argue with that one bit as I've had a brilliant weekend coaching and getting to know the nicest group of people you could ever meet. Very funny, enthusiastic and eager to get to lap up my Desert Knowledge.

I gave as good as you get and if you have the opportunity of being in one of their tents I would as the 'Crack' was highly amusing. I think I gave as good as I got. Well hopefully anyway.

I'm not looking forwards too much to the Ferry and midnight drive back to Caerdydd but then again, I'll have lots of happy memories of this weekend and I did clock up marathon #858 as a bonus.

More tomorrow... 

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