Friday, 15 August 2014

Don't let it bring you down - Annie Lennox

Lyric:- 'And you will come around' - Young

Track Choice:- I'm not the greatest Lennox fan yet she majestically covered this timeless James Young classic which caught my ear in the amazing film 'American Beauty'. It's another song that makes me feel 'reflective on life' rather than sad I would say. If you haven't heard it then you should and then you'd know where I am coming's a truly awesome version beautifully crafted and sung.

Anyway, yesterday's blog created quite a buzz and I'm glad so many of you emailed me saying that it had touched part of your life and your thoughts too. We live in a funny old world, one where in the fifty short years of my existence, things have progressed far beyond the imagination of a young lad born in the early 60's could ever have imagined.

For instance, in 1969 we were allowed to watch the first ever flight of the British Concorde 002 on the school television as it was such an amazing technical innovation. Forty-five years on and Concorde is a thing of the transistor age and our modern day computers are now so detailed and efficient I've just checked on my iPad in a couple of seconds that it was actually the 9th April 1969 and that it was a Wednesday...

Why am I mentioning Concorde, well I went on board Concorde 003 a couple of days ago at Duxford Air Museum, talk about a childhood dream!

And of today, well I travelled to Equatorial Guinea, Singapore, Switzerland and the USA all before lunchtime using Skype speaking to clients...whatever next eh? Beam me up Scotty perhaps!

Who knows...but it's kinda exciting and I'm ready for whatever life brings and I know I ain't gonna let it 'bring me down'.

Are you? 

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