Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Charlatans - One to Another

Lyric:- 'Changing the way that you feel' BURGESS, BLUNT, COLLINS, BROOKES, COLLINS, & VINCENT

Track Choice:- It's ages since I heard 'The Charlatans' but this song really caught my imagination yesterday and on investigating the lyrics, especially the above line really hit home...

Anyway, after a nearly a week of entertaining my nine year old daughter Pearl, it was back to work today and I had a great text from a good friend and former client of mine that said he was now four days dry and that he now felt it was his time to be free of alcohol once and for all. That's a really great message to get if you are in my line of work and music to my ears as it underlines to me that there has to be a combination of elements to conquer any addiction.

Motivation, Courage and the biggest element, TIME are the key factors to get anyone to take the plunge and rid their lives of the things they do...but irrationally can't stop.

I hope I played a catalyst in the above story because I received the text, it was a great personal statement and one which has given his abstinence real credibility for us both. I also hope he does it for his sake good as he's such a great chap and upon reading this will get an even bigger boost to make it happen.

If you are in the same boat - make it happen...

Get motivated, Pluck up courage and given Time, make it happen.. And change the way that you feel...

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