Saturday, 2 August 2014

Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood

Lyric:- 'Arc of a diver effortlessly, my mind in sky' - Winwood

Song Choice:- Winwood's 1980 Arc of a Diver album still sounds fresh and includes tracks 'Spanish Dancer' and 'Night Train' as well as the title track. The whole album has that great early 80's Roxy Music style bass line and groove, which I particularly like. Take a listen and you'll see what I mean.

Anyway, as you probably know I did a real 'Klinsmann' yesterday and was nearly picking my teeth out of a footpath next to HMS Cambria on the Wales Coastal Path. It probably dented my pride more anything and it's surprising that I've gone so long now without going a real purler before. I'm pretty smashed up today...

I do remember going headlong during my Premier League run back in 2002 on the A6 near Leicester and then a week later heading towards Manchester but yesterday's header eclipsed both of those and I'll now be waiting for my knee to recover before gingerly hitting the pavements of Cardiff once again.

What a bummer...

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