Thursday, 21 August 2014

Music - John Miles

Lyric:- 'To live without my music, would be impossible to do' - Miles & Marshall.

Song Choice:- I just loved this song back in 1976 and still do... To my great surprise it was produced Alan Parsons who engineered Dark Side of the moon which is interesting. Looking back it's no wonder that Punk came along and shook the music world up as even back then it was already a bit dinosaur track but who cares as it's John Miles at his best.

I was asked the other day what I'd do if I couldn't run anymore and I think I'd actually be ok. My good friend and ultrarunner Glyn Marston has survived and he's managed to find a new life in Dodgeball of all things...However, if I didn't have music in my world, then that would be unbearable as it's been a constant companion for me thru thick and thin for as long as I can remember.

My life rhythms, adventures and experiences have been partnered with this music. My song choice reflects my mood and if you are a regular reader of this blog you'll know what music floats my boat.

Desert Island Discs would be a bloody nightmare!

Of the Tracks? - too hard to judge but my iTunes says 'Fly on a Windshield' by Genesis played 273 times.

Out of the bands - well that's RUSH if I had to choose one, then Floyd, Genesis and U2 but then there are loads that I could add in here...

Who floats your there's even space for Disco to Drum and Bass in mine but NO Bieber please!

More tomorrow

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