Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Sensual World - Kate Bush

Lyric:- 'And how we'd wished to live in the sensual world, you don't need words - just one kiss, then another' - Bush

Song Choice:- I couldn't resist a bit of Kate, especially during her current series of concert dates. This is one of her truly incredible songs, musically and imaginatively just P E R F E C T. Listen yourself and let this creamy and sensual song wash over your ears...mmh, yes.

I was in Hammersmith last night seeing my Dixons Carphone Average 2 Awesome runners following a busy day training two more MdS wanabees in Cardiff, which after a complete break over bank holiday in darkest Pembrokeshire, brought me back to earth with a bump.

Tomorrow's trip to Ireland to coach another 15 MdS Wannabes from the Emerald Isle will top off quite a week of globe-trotting and explain my absence from my blogging.

Then again, I have 'The Sensual World' an album I didn't buy at the time to listen to, and find out what I've been missing all these years...

Did you miss out too? - Wrong place, wrong time? - I'd love to know...

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