Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Bullet the Blue Sky - U2

Lyrics:- 'Runnin' scared in the valley below' - Hewson

Song Choice:- This album version of Bullet the Blue Sky is very dry in my opinion and I prefer the Rattle and Hum grunginess and Mullen Drums if I’m being honest. It doesn’t however stop me just loving this track and it’s probably up there with my all-time U2 songs. It’s one of many of Bono’s protest songs aimed originally at El Salvador, the Reagan administration and if he were writing or singing it today no doubt Trump would get a right bashing. Being a multi-millionaire frontman can give one a good platform to shout one’s outrage from it would appear. That's fine by me too as everyone has an opinion nowadays..

Then again, I’ve always thought about the song in a different way and more about the ‘Bullet’ we fire into our own ‘Blue Skies’. That ‘Bullet’ of personal mass destruction that we fire in a suicidal way right into the heart of everything we desire or have built around us. Only today I’ve seen two FB posts from friends that have previously achieved real greatness publically outing their own recent short-comings in a bid  to get themselves back into their ‘Blue Sky’ domain, where they believe their Karma will return.

Trying to smooth out the curve of extremity is such a hard thing to do, especially on one’s own, so that’s where their public announcement part comes from I believe. I’ve done it myself many times over. Temperance and control however come from within and rather than protesting like Bono it’s better sometimes to lead by example and that’s what I hope both of my friends will do as they both possess amazing qualities which I really admire.

A few short months will hopefully stop them firing those ‘Bullets’ and stop them being scared in their own particular valleys.

Only ‘Blue Skies’ today please folks, don’t go shooting them down.

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