Thursday, 9 February 2017

Red Hill Mining Town - U2

Lyrics:- 'We're wounded by fear, Injured in doubt' - Hewson

Song Choice:- As I hurtle on through 'The Joshua Tree', U2's classic 1987 album and arguably best offering, we hit on Red Hill Mining Town. Written with the Mining Strikes of 1984 in mind again it paints a bleak picture of angst and fighting between embittered people and political parties.

The only mines I've ever been through are the disused precious metal working ones we go through on the Marathon des Sables, which I expect to be experiencing again in less than nine weeks.

The purple sand looks very toxic and no doubt is - It makes me think every time I run through it how many hours of toil it took to create as it has all been dug out by hand using pure sweat, hand tools and hard labour.

It underlines just how safe our existence is in the UK where red tape and pure stupidity rule our lives and where folks inner souls are wounded by fear and injured by doubt.

I had a great day speaking with some of my clients who have experienced life, well past death's door, not just to it, and survived to tell the tale. They totally get the running like I do and they'll totally get the 'Purple Hill Mining Town' in Morocco which is really rewarding as nearly everyone else won't.

FYI - I write these blogs the night before I publish and on reading them the next morning, I often think WTF was I on about - With this one however it was pretty clear to me as I was totally enthused by my clients enthusiasm for life and desire for the mind-expanding desert experience the MdS offers, that you don't have to go digging too far to find.

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