Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Cure - Friday I'm in love

Lyric:- 'Thursday never looking back' - Smith et Al

Song Choice:- I'm not the greatest of Cure fans. I thought that they were more of a girl's  group at the time and Smith's voice was a tad wrist-slashing but this track underlines my thoughts as we hurtle headlong towards another weekend. For the record, I thought 'The Forest' track of theirs was pretty nifty and I'm going to re-listen to their Greatest Hits' album and see if I've mellowed or if I ever liked their haircuts at all.

Anyway, my question today is, what's your favourite day of the week?

In my boozing days it was Friday and then Sunday was the worst as I had to regain consciousness for the Monday morning return to work. Running Marathons however promoted Sunday to the top of the table and now Tuesday is probably my least favourite day if I'm being honest.

The thing is, it's just the Gregorian Calendar introduced in 1582 giving some structure of how we can make sense of the 365.24 days it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun. So don't get wound up by days of the week it as one day should be as good as another really...

I'm always in a Thursday and Friday frame of mind and that's my Cure...

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