Thursday, 16 February 2017

Exit - U2

Lyric:- 'He went deeper into black, deeper into white' - Hewson

Song Choice:- Yikes, I had messages of sympathy following yesterday's blog and I didn't set out to write a tale of woe or sound like I'm teetering on 'The Edge' if you forgive the pun, it was just about me saying that I now have a clear vision of exactly where I am and about exactly where I'm going with the body and mind I now have.

It all sounds and sounded a bit grim, and it gets a bit grimmer if you look into Bono's raison d'ĂȘtre for writing the song in the first place. Apparently it's about being inside the mind of a serial killer! Something I certainly can't connect with but in the murder trial of Rebecca Schaeffer, Robert John Bardo used 'Exit' as part of his defence, claiming the song had influenced his actions. Nice...

See, I told you it was grim!

Anyway, I'm going to take this song onto a personal level that I can resonate with and the notion to me about the track is about a guy who gets an idea stuck in his head - and in this sense that's me to a tee. I totally get it, and I love the 'He went deeper into black, deeper into white' line... as my world has been SO 100% Jet Black and 100% Snow White for 23 years. In fact, the ends of my Spectrum were and have been so far apart - there was literally no colour shape or form in between. 

Discovering how far I could make these poles apart, only made the whole process more rewarding.

The challenge now comes with how much colour I'm going to let back into my post GBS world... and that's the big hurdle I now have to face - no sympathy required.

And I'll of course keep you posted...

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