Friday, 17 February 2017

Silver and Gold - U2

Lyrics:- 'If you want a way out Silver and Gold' - Hewson

Song Choice:- Ok I'll admit I've cheated on choosing 'Silver and Gold' as the last of my 'Joshua Tree' blog tracks. The 'Mothers of the Disappeared' is too much of a dirge for me, like the later and much loved (by everyone except me it seems) 'One' - and 'Silver and Gold' is on my remastered 'Joshua Tree' album so thankfully it saves the day and gives the album the write-off it deserves.

Anyway, forgetting it's anti-apartheid protesting connotation, I've always loved the above lyric from the 'Silver and Gold'. The concept here is that money can provide the way out of any situation you might find yourself in - and it really makes me chuckle. It feels very two dimensional to me and of course having money makes life more comfortable but it doesn't make you happy.

I mean, if you have money, lots of money, it's amazing what you can buy for a good chunk of 'Silver and Gold' if you have some to spare. Say if you have the odd £30 million down the side of your settee, you could have blown it on Rio Ferdinand for instance - according to his 2002 transfer fee from Leeds to Man Utd, or a 1962 Ferrari GTO 250 if cars are your thing or a Tornado GR4 if you have your own runway - or even second-hand Space Shuttle with a few million miles on it...

The thing is, would it provide you with a 'way out' or substitute your current problems with a fresh set to conquer. I wonder what a 'Drunk Phil Collins' would say could afford all of the above with cash to spare.

You see 'if you want a way out' Silver and Gold can't buy doesn't buy you determination as that's 'Priceless' - I know. It certainly can't buy you happiness - I know that too... so think on if 'Silver and Goal' is your goal.

If you think about the 30 years since the 'Joshua Tree' was released in 1987 do you think about the 'Silver and Gold' you've had slip through your fingers or what you've accomplished...

Do stuff, amazing stuff, live life as that's the 'Way Out'...

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