Saturday, 11 February 2017

Trip through your wires - U2

Lyrics:- 'I was broken bent out shape' - Hewson

Song Choice:- As I get towards the end of my 'Joshua Tree' blog journey, I've been listening to the most interesting track, 'Trip through your wires'.

You see, it's not a song that back in the old days, I'd put on the turntable to listen to. It's more of s follow-on track if I'm being honest to the ones that have gone before but  the thing is, it's actually a great track and it's the 'tripping through the wires' mental imagery that I'm interested in for today's blog.

I must say that since last weekends #981st marathon, I've been feeling pretty broken and that it's taken me a week to recover just in time for marathon #982 on Monday. And yes it's annoying, down-heartening and gives me a massive dose of 'Kryptonite' but I'm just not interested in all that negative shit ATM and even though I've been broken and bent out of shape, what's the point in just whining on about the frustration that accompanies the whole GBS recovery. It pisses me off and it's boring oh and an excuse, let alone anyone else...

Anyway, it's 'Life's Tripwires' that you have to be SO careful of that I've discovered and I'm very wary to step over them with very high steps nowadays.

Those guys in hospital with spinal injuries from a brief moment of madness underlined that perfectly for me last year and it's amazing how folk will run blindly across 'No mans land', head down, eyes closed hoping they are indestructible and in total denial - all I can say is, 'Watch out, 'cos you're not' and you will get hit and hit hard, I know and I know who who is going to get hit.

However, I believe I'm a lucky chap and I'm lucky as I'm going to see the Wales v England match today in Caerdydd - and I hope it will be a great game. I do worry for the thirty finely tuned athletes whom are taking a huge gamble today with their health, fitness and future and hopefully they will all get through unscathed on the Principality Stadium Minefield and of course that Wales win :-)

Have a think yourself about the tripwires you are skipping over everyday - you might trip just like I did last year.

Go steady friends and watch your step :-)

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