Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Running to stand still - U2

Lyric:- 'Run from the darkness in the night' - U2

Song Choice:- Track five from 'The Joshua Tree' brings a brilliant ballad in 'Running to stand still' which gets me thinking every time I hear it. Bono's rather dark lyrics paint a bleak picture of urban decay in Dublin during the 80's and makes me only too glad not to have been driven to such depths during some very dark and addictive years of my own.

Living in such squaller with the daily demand for narcotics isn't a lifestyle that anyone desires and I'm sure is one folk never set out to exist in, the first time they ever got high. Danny Boyle's original 'Trainspotting' movie highlights it very nicely indeed...  

You see it's the 'Standing still' part which is what I'm interested in for today's blog as maybe it's the stagnation of everyday life that we want all want to 'Run' from. I believe that life's actually better if you can have more of an elastic relationship with your everyday life in that you can escape in a more natural way, get a positive clean experience and then come back home into everyday life to recover and then plan the next daily-out-of-normal-life adventure we all dream of.

I'm sure that just like me you have your own 'Bucket List' of things to do before you are 50, 60 etc. or kick the bucket!

For me it's been no less of an addictive journey but it's delivered positive experiences and positive life-progress and will continue to as long as I keep running rather than standing still...

Have a great day whatever you are doing and plan wisely on where you are voyaging off to next!

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