Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Secret World (Live) - Sir Peter of Gabriel

Lyrics:- 'In this house of Make-Believe' - Gabriel

Song Choice:- I never need an excuse to choose a Gabriel track and this is one of my all time favourites, particularly in it's 'live' version, taken from the 'live album' of the same title.

It's extremely apt in accompanying today's blog as everyone, including you and me live in our own 'Secret World's'. I was speaking to a client yesterday on this very subject and our conclusion was that however big the universe is, whatever happens in the galaxy or even in the world around us exists only inside our own heads.

What a frightening concept? It's kinda true though and when you think about it (and ok there are outside influences that affect our brief life-transit through this cerebral universe), the only person we can blame if it all goes wrong - is ourselves.

The thing is though we only complain if things go wrong and find ourselves searching for something or anything to take the blame for what is essentially our own poor judgment or weakness. It's dead easy to conjure up someone, something or some occasion that means that the blame for your failure lies outside of your 'Land of Make-Believe'.

Really? Sure is and do you do this? Are you constantly looking for an outside influence to disguise your own short comings?

For instance, lots of folk that have now left 'Dry January' are today contemplating either a further period of 'Dry February' or a 'Returning to Pisshead by March'. And there's always a reason. A family get together. Valentine's Day... Whatever, but really it's BS as there's no escape from your 'Secret World' whatever you might broadcast about yourself, as there are no secrets to hide from and you know them and your inner self, inside out.

Take a tour around your Secret World today and see where you can maintain or dismiss the things that affect how you see the world that lies between your ears.

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