Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Final Countdown - Europe

1999 - Marathon des Sables #1
'We're leaving together but it's still farewell and maybe we'll come back, to earth, who can tell?'

Well here it is…The Final Countdown to the 28th Marathon des Sables. There’s just 2 days and 23 hours now until the start of the race. I must say that I am starting to get excited about my journey back to Ouarzazate and like the 1047 other competitors, I am sure we’re ALL of us wishing we’d trained harder and run further in our preparations for the race. However, the training's over and it’s time to RUN!!!

My own training has gone well and I’ve run 44 marathons since this time last year and 11 this year so I know that the distance is in my legs, it’s coping with the heat that’s the unknown factor that can only be dealt with when you are in the race itself. Last year I had a couple of moments on the 54 degree marathon day where I had a couple of deep breaths at a checkpoint, questioned my sanity and carried on. Let’s hope it’s a bit cooler this year eh?

Sadly this year, I’m missing my partner and trusty side kick Jenny ‘Super-desert-running-girl’ Salter to keep me company during the whole of the event (apart from the race of course!) but I will be egged on by my fellow tent mates especially my best friend and twice MdS Runner, Chris Whistler who promises disco speakers and fairy lights for this year’s tent. Well the race should be fun…

Professionally, I will be following the progress of ALL the runners that I’ve coached this year and I have high hopes for them and hope they enjoy the whole Marathon des Sables as much as I know I will.

More post 10th MdS!

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