Thursday, 25 April 2013

Out of the Blue - ELO

'Tomorrow I'll be stronger' - Chris Young

I bloody well hope so as I'm running as hard as I can right now to get myself back like I used to in my PB days. It's proving very hard to get my knees lifting I've found as my quads are genuinely feeling fatigued but surprisingly out of the blue, my five miler last night was most enjoyable, even the massive climb up Leckwith Hill, which normally crucifies me as I near the top.

The fast run down helped too as I loved getting up to 10 mph which is very quick for me. I need to quicken the turnover of my legs and lengthen my stride so this will help too. (How people can run this fast on the flat is beyond me, as I never could for more than a mile).

Anyway, it's more hills today chasing Jenny up and down Llanedeyrn Hill...we haven't done that session for a while so it will be interesting to see if my speed training is starting to work and I can keep with her on the climbs.

Famous last words!

More tomorrow...

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