Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Start - The Jam

And what you give is what you get - Paul Weller

I've been giving it plenty today with one of my legendary 'Power Hours'... One of those sessions, I've found where you have to pluck up courage to go and do but when you hit the 60 minutes limit of the Treadmill is massively satisfying.

Anyway, the Power Hour was over-shadowed in my thoughts by an email exchange with a client returning to fitness from some time away from running. He said that he was finding it hard to get back into the regime that I had outlined for him to follow. It was like starting to run all over again for him. Luckily he's stuck at it and is now starting to see the rewards...

It was great news as I knew he'd get there but it shows you that it can be easy to try and go out running at your previous perceived levels of fitness, rather than the ones you currently possess. It's far too easy to go out too hard in those first few runs and get downhearted...and together we made it through this.

I'm sure with commitment and some coaching I could swim 50 metres, instead of my paltry 10 metres, I can splutter right now. It's still one of my goals and maybe I should take a leaf out of my clients book and stick at it and make it happen - is there anything you really want to do but are finding it hard to make any progress at?

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