Monday, 22 April 2013

Fly on a Windshield - Genesis

'The wind is blowing harder now...blowing dust into my eyes,' - Peter Gabriel

It's a real uphill struggle right now as my legs feel like total tree trunks right now and I can't remember a time when they have felt so broken. 230kms of desert have really taken their toll out of my quads and ITBs it seems. Don't get me wrong as I ran a great and fast 12 miles on Friday and enjoyed every step of it, yet since that run I've been crippled with terrible DOMS that have made coming downstairs a very painful. My MdS recovery is going to take some time!

With that in mind, the thought of running The Virgin London Marathon yesterday wasn't a good idea and I stayed firmly planted in Caerdydd and enjoyed watching the TV coverage of the race instead.

I've decided that I won't be there next year either as it's just TOO close to the MdS to recover in time for and any road marathon I do, I would like to run as fast as I can and get good times on and train for them properly.

I'm going for an easy 5 today that will hopefully get my legs flushed out and make me slightly quicker downstairs than Dame Thora Hird on her Churchill Stairlift... I hope!!!

More tomorrow...

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