Sunday, 14 April 2013

Perfect 10 - The Beautiful South

Phew... It doesn't get any harder than that! The 28th Sultan Marathon des Sables (my 10th) lived up to its World's Toughest Footrace and then some.

I found it brutal, challenging and knee tremblingly hard along it's 230kms of endless uphill SAND. It was a good job that my feet were blister free again this year as if they were like some of the other runners' feet it truly would have been an almost impossible task.

Luckily we were all inspired by a blind runner and a one legged runner throughout the race... I thought if they can do it, so could I. Again it surprised me at how unprepared some of the Brits were. All of my clients made it... and those who underestimated the race will take note, lose weight, pack less and train more, let me train them and return to finish the race - I'd love to help would make a great PR story.

Anyway...lying by the pool in Ouarzazate, the race is already starting to fade and thoughts of MdS#14 are growing. More recovery powder, more sand training at Merthyr Mawr and my best girl by my side will help my overall position no-end.

Thanks for all of the email messages out in the desert and more when I get back to Wales :-) - 763 Marathons :-) 10 MdS :-))))

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  1. You were surprised, so was I and it was my 1st MdS, I had a 7.3 kg sack and thought it was heavy. Went through the whole run blister free as well & just ended up in the top third. It still puzzles me why so many go so heavy and how do runners end up with feet covered in blisters. I know I ran a very safe MdS and that probably helped staying blister free. But I do think people are seriously going wrong in their preparation. I could be wrong, but I have been happily running again nearly everyday since getting back to the UK.