Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Armed and Ready - Michael Schenker Group

'I'm in overdrive,and I feel alive, Got everything I need, and that ain't all'

Perfect! Just as I am about to set off to the sun of the Sahara its starting to warm up in Cardiff...Ok it was only 11 degrees today BUT it felt like warm weather training out on my last three mile run before setting off to Gatwick Airport for tomorrow's overnight stop.

It's always hard to know what to do in this last week before the MdS as there is so much downtime and travel to get thru. Basically we travel Thursday to start running on Sunday so there's ample time to carbo-load and get acclimatised to the heat but with no running, it makes for a lethargic start to the race I've found.

There's no Jenny to keep me entertained or busy foot-fixing this year so I hope my tent-mates will make up for her not being there...it's going to be strange not having my best friend there by my side. Maybe Next Year...

Last few bits to pack and I'm armed and ready!!!

More tomorrow...

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