Saturday, 27 April 2013

Laid so Low - Tears for Fears

'Into that void of silence, where we cry without sound' - Roland Orzabal.

Well this morning's '5Km parkrun' went a lot better than I expected and I was really comfortable all the way in 23:16, which is just 21 seconds off my Pb of last year. Considering it was two days after a tough hills session and only 14 hours after a mile time trial, it's encouraging news that I have the ability to get myself fitter and a lot speedier again.

The race used to get me feeling very panicky and asthmatic in the first Km and I seem to have conquered that, which is brilliant news.

Looking at last night's mile time on 7:09, my V02 predicted 24:22 - which means that I should have done a 6:49 mile last night if I work it backwards. Food for thought and if my quads ever get working again and my knees get at least some flexion in them I reckon I can get under the 3:45 marathon mark again, which would make me very happy indeed.

Do you have the need for speed? It really delivers results on your races - I'll keep you posted with my progress.

More tomorrow.

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