Sunday, 15 December 2013

Barcelona - Queen

'Barcelona - Such a beautiful horizon, Barcelona - Like a jewel in the sun' - Moran & Mercury

What can I say about this wonderful city? 

Maybe Sir Freddie of Mercury captured it in the lyrics above best. Gaudi certainly designed it simply to BE the best...

Hmm, what I can say is that Jenny did HER best here today with the best run of her life circling 437.3 metres around lane 6 of an athletic stadium in Barcelona 497 times, to clock a top 10 placing of all time distances recorded by a British Athlete on the track.

It was simply AWESOME for me to watch, support and encourage her to another Personal Best this year.

And Barcelona - Yep, it's just 'Like a jewel in the Sun'... thanks Freddie as it will always be a VERY special place.

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