Tuesday, 10 December 2013

David Gilmour - There's no way out of here

'There are no boundaries set' - David Gilmour

New Marathons and ULTRA-marathons are springing up all the time and it seems that some trying to be the hardest or most extreme, some have bizarre themes to get them to stand out in the ever increasing ULTRA-running market.

Most of these races will come and go and even looking back at the road-marathons during the running boom in 1983, there were approximately 140 in the UK of which only 30 or some 30 years later. My first marathon at Telford and my Pb Course, The Borders sadly didn't make the cut...on and it includes London, once the pinnacle of most runners career.

Looking back at my own career the 1995 London Marathon, MdS, Grand Union Canal Race & Desert Cup provided lifetime pivotal points and real race highlights for me BUT thinking about it running without boundaries has given me far more of a sense of satisfaction.

My mega-day solo runs such as this year's STOPTOBER will always be up there in the best things I have ever experienced.

What I'm saying to you is why not make your own challenge, lots of my MdS Clients are running 5 x 20 milers over the Christmas Holidays and yes it's good prep for the desert BUT I believe they will get a great sense of satisfaction from completing 100 miles from their front-door.

I've got another Mega-day Challenge planned in April after MdS...Have you got a challenge that's not a race?

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