Friday, 6 December 2013

The Verve - Weeping Willow

It wasn't this bad though - YIKES!
'I hope you see what I see, I hope you feel like I feel' - Ashcroft

Another long run along the coast today and even down here in Wales the strength and brutality of the current weather systems was clear to be seen. The barrage across Cardiff Bay made for interesting running straight into the massive headwind as did the cliff-top path along Lavernock Point and on well past Sully. It was nearly impossible to run in places.

However, it was one of those runs that makes me feel glad that I live by the sea. I just love the power and rhythm of the waves, tides and how the seasons change the beach. 

There's something very peaceful about the whole coastal experience. I just love going to the sea.

The most amazing thing, yesterday was just how far the tide was out at Penarth. It was the furthest out I'd ever seen it as the Pier was left totally high and dry by a long way at low water, whereas at nine o'clock (yes I went back) last night the waves were breaking on the sea-wall and the pier was then sitting low in the sea like an over-laden ocean liner.

It was quite alarming...but amazing too.

I hope it keeps on being amazing for a long time as Penarth is one my favourite places on earth...ever.

Running really takes you to places...Have you got somewhere special? 

More tomorrow.

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