Monday, 23 December 2013

Perfect 10 - The Beautiful South

'You wanna see the smile on my face' - Heaton & Rotheray

Ten always feels like a good number to me and running wise is always a good gauge of fitness and commitment to the task ahead in my opinion. 

In my early years of running I remember setting myself the task of running 10 miles a day for a week just to see if I could do it and it left me pretty exhausted as I remember.

Well things have moved on quite a bit since 1995 and my ten today was physically very easy on the legs but no so on my pneumonic lungs which are only now are starting to work at a more economical rate post infection. It's good to be back running anyway...

Anyway, like most folk, I'm looking forward to a break and my only focus of attention running-wise until 6th January is er....myself, so I'm going to enjoy my festive fitness indulgence.

Enjoy your break too as if you are like me you have many mountains to climb in '14 and this Christmas Boot Camp Running Break will be the foundation block of the year ahead.

And, if we've helped you succeed this year then thanks for letting us into your world and enjoy a perfect 10/10 from both of us.

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