Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Don't look back - Boston

'I don't mind where I get taken, the road is callin', Today is the day' - Scholz

Well I took myself to Rudry today, the hard way past Ty Mawr and 'over the top' of the mountain on the concrete road in horizontal rain. It was totally flooded in places. Yes, it was an adventure but if I'm due to run 23 x 40 milers in just over three months time, there's no time to waste on my new training plan to match fitness in April.

There's MdS to fit in along the way and a few ULTRAs and Marathons to keep me amused but it's time for miles and the terrain north of Cardiff is just the place to do 'em.

It also means there's more room for my Christmas Din-dins and after today's ten-miler my stomach growling like crazy. So it's a good excuse in my book to feed myself up!

Hopefully you will do the same tomorrow and I'll be bashing in some more miles in the morning, weather willing!

Happy Christmas Folks...

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