Thursday, 19 December 2013

Black and White Town - The Doves

'Whether you live alone or you're trying to find your way in this world' - Williams, Goodwin & Wiliams.

Boy oh boy! what a week in our crazy running world it's been. Overcoming Pneumonia, supporting Jenny on her 'run of a lifetime so far' in Barcelona and wrapping up a full week of training clients has really made me look forward to the Christmas Break and the opportunity of getting back out trotting out some miles in Cardiff.

Hopefully, the BBC's Jim Connolly will be out there trotting out the miles too, following his visit to see me yesterday. You'll be able to hear how he got on at 8.30pm on Sunday night on BBC5Live as he starts his training for next April's Greater Manchester Marathon.

In the meantime, I'm still catching up on the sleep deprivation from last weekend and am determined to enjoy my current running break. It will give my body a chance to recover from 76 marathons this year and refuel me both mentally and physically for my next busy year ahead.

There's never a dull moment...

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