Thursday, 26 December 2013

Smoke - The Tubes

Whole world is smokin’ - Cotton, Welnick & Spooner

Yep, it's 20 years to the day that I stubbed out my last B&H and I won't wax on about it BUT I'm bloody well glad I did as I have certainly made the most of quitting the 'Evil Weed' ever since.

I'd never have thought back then that I would have run so many miles and had so many adventures with my new 'life of fitness'.

If you're a smoker and you are reading this... January 1st is looming and it's a good day to start the rest of your life 'smoke free'. Have a go as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, take a look at my #Stoptober Campaign.

I celebrated with a lung-busting 10 miler up and over Caerphilly Mountain which I couldn't have done some 20 years ago and which I thouroughly enjoyed today. 

Life's full of surprises eh? and never say NEVER!

More tomorrow...

I'd never

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