Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Winner takes it all - Abba

The winner takes it all, the loser's standing small,
Beside the victory, that's her destiny.

Andersson & Ulvaeus

After watching the British Indoor Rowing Championships today, I can confirm the above. I didn't row myself but I did see a New World Record in the M40-44 catagory and EVERYONE who took part give their ALL including Miss Dynamo, Jenny Salter herself. Very inspirational stuff indeed...

Getting a bronze medal in an event against seasoned rowers from all over the UK, Jenny rowed a blinder in 7.57.02 in her class, just 0.2 behind the silver. Yikes it was close!

After watching the BBC Breakfast News on Friday where parents were saying that taking part in sport is more important than winning, it was funny that the kids said they wanted to win - Well, I'm there with the kids on this one and that WINNING or being GREAT at something shows courage, determination and the ability to devote time and energy to the best result.

Yes some are more gifted than others but it's not necessarily the best person that wins, it's the person that wants it most who does.

Are you a Winner?

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