Saturday, 12 April 2014

Another one bites the Dust - Queen

Another year, another Dollar?...Not quite. This little ol' trot in the Sahara is winning back it's 'World's Toughest Footrace' mantle as Patrick Bauer turned the amps up for my eleventh MdS adventure. It wasn't harder or hotter this year it was just sandier (50% against 15% usually) and CP1 & 2 were 15km apart instead of the usual 10-12km, which mean't a lot of the field were destroyed by half way and then struggled on or dropped out. I'm not sure that's a good thing for the race and I'm delighted ALL of my 12 week MdS Trainees made it to the medal, yet I do feel sad for those who parted with their hard-earned £3600+ race fee but didn't get the full value from their Sahara Adventure.

I'd come into the race tired from the Barry 40 and a busy start to my year and it took me till my favourite long day to get my tail up and start picking off people as they slowed and I marched on.

Rather than write a lengthy 'what I did report', (as there will be loads of them I can assure you) I'll tell you how it felt as it was more about searching for an inner calmness for me this year... I wanted it to feel like Stoptober. It took sometime and maybe that came during the marathon stage following a great day off with tent mates, Bertie, Mark, Rich, Little Chris, Simon & Nikki where we seemed to bond and enjoy each other's company. I chose well :-) (it was a shame Big Chris's feet stopped him on day 2 and that my Jenny wasn't there too as she'd have won the ladies race and I missed her so much.

Even this morning's rather strange 7km walk to the finish was a peaceful and enjoyable affair and just like a click of the fingers, the 29th MdS was over and bit the dust.

The results are as follows...I've a good tan, lost 5kgs and my feet are 100% so it can't be bad and finished 365/1000 so it can't be bad. I have an appointment with a sunbed and a fresh orange juice tomorrow if I don't explode at the all you can eat buffet tonight!

And after two shaves and a bath I'm now clean and look 20 years younger.

More tomorrow...
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