Monday, 21 April 2014

Starting Over - Lennon

Circa - 1850 (no that's not me in the foreground!)
'It'll be just like starting over' - Lennon

Do you feel like you have weathered the winter storms...It felt like that in Cardiff today as it was lovely and sunny and the 14 miles from home to Penarth Pier and round the Cardiff Bay and back just whizzed by. 

It felt so good to get some decent mileage under my belt and I feel like a runner again post MdS...

It really is just like 'Starting Over' as it's 20 years on from my first running race at the Shakespeare Marathon in 1994 this weekend. Hopefully, I'll be in a decent enough state to run under the 3.59.59 threshold...

We'll see eh? Best bit is that it will be a good run down memory lane...shame my Parents don't live at the 17 miles point as the cup of tea was always a good reviver!

More tomorrow and I'm back in the Dunes! Oh my! 

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