Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Armed and Ready - MSG

'Is it hard enough, is it loud enough' - Barden & Schenker

I know I've asked that question of you before but boy oh boy I found out where my limits are today with an hours good tempo treadmill run in the high heat of the gym followed by 30 minutes of further exposure in the blistering Steam Room and the Sauna that finally finished me off and got my head swimming in circles in a very hypoglycaemic coma threatening way.

Thank heavens for tin of coke that saved the day...

It's getting me prepared though and I'll be back for some more of the same tomorrow as the 130 degree heat combine with the high humidity really brought home what's in store in the desert again this year. even now I feel a bit groggy so it can only improve my performance.
Now where are my Bermuda Shorts!!! I'm off for a well-earned rest :-)

More tomorrow...

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