Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Time to Kill - UK

'Time to kill, going nowhere' - Bruford, Wetton & Jobson

It feels like my old legs have been treading custard today and I've been waiting for the last bits of an achy Shakespeare Marathon to go so I can start preparing for the 50km Anglo-Celtic Plate on Saturday. What a gluten for punishment eh? I won't go on about the 24 laps or the gradient (promise) and I'm just going to get my arse into gear and get on with this one as I'd like to get a decent 50km time under my belt. 

There's commitment! 

Anyway, keeping my mind stimulated on days like this is always the best approach and it was great this morning coaching sub-3 hour marathon wannabe Huw Griffiths at the Aspire Gym and I secured becoming the UK Coach on a very high profile series of Global ULTRA-Distance Races (more about this in the next newsletter). Following all of that I will admit to having a close look at the inside of my eyelids this for a good forty minutes...which shows I am still a bit tired from the early starts and the MdS or that I need to be put out in the afternoon in a bathchair like lots of nursing home inmates for a nap. 

OK, I know what you are thinking and just to prove how old I am - I downloaded the UK, Night After Night Album from 1979 certainly brightened up my late afternoon and if you are in need of one of the best live prog rock albums ever made - then give it a go. 

They don't make them or ME like that anymore...thank God you say!

More tomorrow - When I will be out doing a few miles :-)

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