Saturday, 19 April 2014

Kick - INXS

Much better than mine...
'When the mountain moves away. All the dreams and promises that we give, we give away' - Hutchence & Farriss

Back to training with a KICK today after a week off and a restful weekend with me lovely Jenny. The weekend was a lot prettier than the first couple of miles I can tell you' as I felt rather unsteady even though I was running on the road and didn't have the pack holding me took a climb up Leckwith Hill to focus my mind and get some rhythm back and at my five mile turn-a-round things felt a whole lot better.

Sunday and Monday's planned runs will hopefully reinforce my return to training and I must say the ten miles today just flew by as it took only half the time to run today than it took to run the same distance in the sand and heat of the Marathon des Sables.

If you are also recovering from the Desert, please let me know how you are getting I'm sure you'll agree it takes some getting over.

More tomorrow...

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  1. Managed a 8 mile fast run earlier in the week and the Clumber Park ParkRun today. No PB but still sub 20 mins! Feet and legs feeling great but the engine is a bit tired to be honest! Craving chocolate!