Thursday, 3 April 2014

Yes - Roundabout

'One mile over we'll be there' - Anderson & Howe

Well the curtain is about to go up on this year's 'MdS Pantomine' Now, I've love a good show especially when I've seen the show before and I know what's coming next. It's funny that I laugh at all the same jokes but it doesn't matter as I just love the repetition and knowledge of what's next around each corner in the 'Greatest ULTRA-Marathon Show on Earth'.

Nothing else gets near the MdS Experience and I do know that after the long-day is well and truly 'behind me', I'll be able to really relax and enjoy the show even more and lap up all of the scenes it's going to play out, no doubt this year.

Luckily I have some actors in my tent to help me out and luvvies, Richard Harrington, Mark Lewis-Jones and Bertie Portal can provide our evenings entertainment and as well we have Chris Connor (aka little Chris as he's only 26) and 3 x previous tent mate Chris Whistler (aka Big Chris as he's more than 26 but shorter than little Chris), Nikki Singh-Barmi (Britain's Top Gritter) and Simon Dimmer (of Red 32 fame) to make up the eight including little old me. 

Hopefully we will enjoy the show as it unfolds and enjoy the whole MdS Pantomime Experience.

I'm ready and waiting in the wings now at Gatwick ready to get to the check in early to get a seat right at the front, well the eye-sight isn't as good as it once was.

More on my return and please follow my progress on where you can send me messages using my race number #550.

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