Sunday, 13 April 2014

Relax - FG2H

It's been a good day of rest and recuperation following my week out in the Sahara Sandpit. I'm now feeling very tired and I'm looking forward to getting back over the Severn Bridge and back into God's Country tomorrow.

As in previous years, my legs aren't feeling achy and my feet are in great shape so I could have carried on for a few more days I'm sure but I'm quite happy we've finished and it's time to go back home and see my Jenny in our Pembroke Road, refuge.

My coaching for the class of 2015 has already started and if you are thinking of taking part, please come and see me as those that did had a much better race than some of those that didn't - As always people turn up thinking it's The London Marathon in sand...and it's NOT.

Anyway, it's a couple of weeks off now until the Shakespeare Marathon and a lot easier 26.2 miles :-)

More tomorrow...

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