Wednesday, 16 April 2014

MLK - U2

'Sleep tonight and may your dreams be realised' - Calvin & Ralph

I've slept a lot this past few's the best way to recharging my mental and physical batteries and I'm slowly waking up to planet Earth following my long MdS hibernation and starting to think about the dawning of a new era of running without a pack and coaching the class of 2015.

It's amazing that a five day race can blow half-a-month out of ones year to do and take a couple of months before and after to prepare and recover from. Before you know it it's a six month period each year that just gets vaporised away...I'm not complaining as I love the desert and the challenge but I'm glad to have the race behind me now and I can now concentrate on getting back some speed and a fast Autumn marathon time before my Guinness World Record in September/October.

Easter is a perfect place to start and amazingly it's sunny and everywhere is starting to look green so I'm looking forward to getting my running shoes back on...

More tomorrow.

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