Saturday, 24 January 2015

Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins

Lyrics:- She's got blisters on the soles of her feet - Collins

Song Choice:- One of my all time heroes is Phil Collins and the lyrics are the best blister ones I know.

Yep, even when your feet are in tatters and the 'Shits hit the Biggest Fan' every imaginable - You are in enjoying 'Paradise' my friend. Lose sight of this and life will very soon, if it hasn't already become pretty dull indeed.

Dull is such a Boring word and Boring is such a Dull word, they deserve each other I think and they're two words that would never describe what I believe what the worlds all about.

I saw the fantastic Grand Designs Show last night with Kevin 'Captain-Ecohouse-Steelframe-EnergyGlass-Orgasm McCloud last night. Don't get me wrong as I love the show especially when the go over-budget but the portly chap last night was still up at 3am choosing door knobs and tiles and was getting in a right tis about it too... Now that's both dull and boring especially as he and his wife blew a boat load of hard earned cash on a pretty unspectacular place and he didn't lift a drill or screwdriver to make it happen.

I know one thing for sure, it would be far less dull and boring to have had a go himself and his self-build paradise would then have felt a far more satisfying and exciting place.

Where am I going on this? Well it's about constructing your own paradise...

Buying it off the shelf just doesn't happen, a lottery win would help us all but would bring a whole new set of problems. I'm not sure it would bring paradise any closer and for some folk they never get there.

Now that's worse than Dull and's a downright tragedy and one you really need to consider as wouldn't it be good to be like Phil and have the luxury of ANOTHER day in Paradise!

More tomorrow...from my Desert Island.

Lastly, Hello to my readers in Nottingham and Spain. I know you read this every day so thanks for that - very kind of you.

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