Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Work - Junior Boys (Prins Thomas Remix)

Lyric:- Alone at the setting sun, well there goes another one.

Song Choice:- My internet radio played this masterpiece on it's 'Ambient Setting' yesterday and it burned it's place straight into my musical heart - listen here.

The setting sun lyric seemed most apt as we head on thru life we have a lot less sunsets to see and those sunsets come round far quicker than the 24 hours they are mean't to it seems.

Now I know I bang on about not wasting one's life, having a more positive outlook and achieving more with your time and effort but I going to as I meet so many energy vampired and broken people who are confused with how to proceed on getting the most out of their time on the planet.

If it was only that easy eh?

But maybe it is! As I have clients whom I've worked with over the past couple of years have really blossomed into the people they've always wanted to be and have completely transformed their lives, just like I did back in 1994.

It's not difficult it's just scary...and if you are struggling with getting the most out of your life please contact me before too many more sunsets have passed you by!

More tomorrow...

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