Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Black or White - Michael Jackson

Lyric:- See, it's not about races - Jackson, Panagaris, Bottrell, Bearden & Organ

Song Choice:- Michael Jackson did some epic songs and I simply love this one. Pure Rock and Roll through and through. And OK, I know it's not those kind of races but it links quite nicely for today's blog.

Actually thinking about it, I'm more interested in the Black and White title as if you know me well you will know my world is extremely monochromatic...

Well it used to be all those 21 years ago but I've discovered writing the last chapter of my book, there's a little bit of colour being added to as I start the next few chapters and broaden my horizons.

That's the exciting thing about life, especially as one gets older and we experience more of the exciting world we live in.

How much of it have you actually seen? How much have you lived?

Two great questions...Have you got the answers? If you haven't it's time to get your thinking cap on and start making some decisions.

I'd love to know what floats your boat!

More tomorrow from a lightly tinted 'Roryworld'...

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