Monday, 26 January 2015

Snap - I've got the Power

Lyric:- 'Quality, I possess something, I'm fresh - Munzing & Luca Anzilotti

Song Choice:- Back in my 1990 clubbing days, this was one of my favourite floor filling anthems as I do love a bit of stomping. The Power lyrics were just perfect for today's venture back into the gym and the dreaded by many 'Power Hour'.

Yep, that good old Power Hour the one  I've dished out to everyone over the years in my 12 week training plans and have become so used to empathising to folk about as they bitch about just how tough the last 15 minutes can be.

Well I didn't moan today and yes I did have to pluck up courage before starting but following a good warm up, I started out on a 10.5/13.0kph regime. Heart-rate is the key to the session and it's designed to have an 85% Max Heart Rate average and I was thereabouts with a 147bpm just slightly above a perfect 142.

The best part was that the 10.5 felt very easy and normally the area around my treadmill would be like the set from the film Titanic and everyone around would be drenched in my sweat as well as me. Maybe the recent Long Slow Distance runs have helped?

Anyway, I'm up for more of the same tomorrow and will hopefully get another couple of thousand words of my book edited. I feel Fresh and Quality I do possess...fact.

Did you do your Power Hour today, if not why not? You don't know what you are missing.

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