Thursday, 22 January 2015

Everything but the Girl - Wrong (Todd Terry Remix)

Lyric:- 'Threading Daisies on a Chain' - Thorn and Watt
Song Choice:- Just love this one from EBTG especially with the Todd Terry Remix twist.

The lyric really hit home after a second hot bath followed by some rampant 'Radiator Clinging' in an endeavour to try and warm up for the first real time this week. I want to say it must be hard for 'Old People' but then I'm nearing qualification at 53 and am therefore already post Saga insurance acceptance and 'Getting a pen just for asking', so it's no surprise that I've felt cold all week long, so I'm in need of some sun.

So please can someone transport me to the lazy days of summer so that I can 'Thread some Daisies' and feel the warm sunshine on my skin and get some Vitamin D in my system before I get a severe case of Rickets.

No wonder people are drawn to living in mainland Europe. My 1275 mile London to Lisbon Pilgrimage for Euro 2004 seems a long time ago but I'd go again right now if it mean't I could take my coat off!!!

Maybe Global Warming will hit Wales in the near future and we'll go plus 10 degrees in the Spring and give the Central Heating Boiler a well earned breather.

Have you got the idea I'm chilly yet?

In desperation, I'm going to the Sauna after a long warm wearing ALL of my running gear tomorrow so I can hopefully learn to sweat again as I can't run around Europe right now!!!


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