Monday, 12 January 2015

Coldplay - Yes

Lyric:- If you'd only say Yes - Martin, Berryman, Buckland & Champion

Song Choice:- I do like a bit of Coldplay now and again, ok it's a bit glum sometimes but it fits my thoughts on positivity and negativity today perfectly...

It's just been one of those days...a kind of MdS meltdown Monday if I'm being honest as folk hit the last 12 weeks of training and thought '**** I need to start training!'

It's also been one of those days where I received too many emails written in 'Negative Bold' and spoken to folk who are 'Energy Vampire,' Vampires...Yes it seemed that way today, it's such an unattractive and unnecessary quality. For God's sake cheer up people!!!

It doesn't get much more challenging than running 26.2 miles in horizontal rain in Barry but I ran with the incredibly positive Craig Barnshaw today (aka Captain Positive) and the weather didn't matter as we just enjoyed the day out and we put 26.2 more miles into the MdS mileage tank.

Here's some free advice, if it's raining in your world, why not look at the positives and you'll get a few rays of sunshine in return...the more positive you get, the more it will shine.

Life's like that - Dont ask why? just is, believe me!

Feel the warmth folks - I'm wearing my sunglasses over here as it's that bright where I always is.

More tomorrow and hopefully it will be  a lot drier...

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