Thursday, 29 January 2015

Different - Pendulum

Lyric:- 'We're sinking in the sand' - Thompson

Song Choice:- Can't beat a bit of ear bashing from the Aussies - and this is Pendulum at their neighbour sub-woofer annoying best. Our hose rocked today with this one.

It needed to as yesterday I rocked and sank in the sand down at Merthyr Mawr with one of my extra favourite clients Craig 'Barney' Barnshaw. Now if you have yet to run 26.2 miles on sand and through monstrous sand dunes and you are taking part in this year's MdS...then you should get your arse down to the Northern Hemisphere's biggest single sand dune and get ripped apart.

We did...we got blown inside out and blistered by some ferocious sand winds similar to some of the ones I've experienced in Morocco.

What does 26.2 miles of sand do to your legs - well it makes them go totally numb and feel like they belong to someone else, that's what. The 12 minute mile pace doesn't help either as its painfully slow but its all you can do to keep your heart rate down so you don't have to walk.

We finished battered but feeling really smug that the knowledge of completing a Marathon of Sand - a true Marathon des Sables, will put us in good stead for April.

Might be worth a trip guys...Richmond Park just doesn't cut the mustard.

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