Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Living on an Island - Status Quo

Lyric:- Easy when you're number One - Parfitt & Young

Song Choice:- There are much better Quo songs but the lyrics suited my blog today perfectly...

It's the Desert Island bit that's most apt as that's where I've been these past 21 years living on Coleman Island running around in circles every day enjoying the Long Slow Distance way of life, without having too many others inhabitants to crowd my rather simplistic existence.

Sticking out, marooned in a microcosm of my own making has been the making of me.

It's now getting a bit too crowded on my island and I'm in need of some new Everests. I'm sure you know what I mean and if you feel the same, I'd love to know what your Everests are and what you are doing to locate and conquer your dreams.

I don't want to just think of 'things I've done or only have a line to get high' as the lyrics go on to say...

Smashing out a couple of 26.2's this week will aid my thought process...and then it's time to finish my book, a trip to my island will give me time to finally finish it off.

Rory Coleman - 885 Marathons - 231 Ultras
11 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records
21 Years Alcohol Free.

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