Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Definitive Gaze - Magazine

Lyric:- Got this bird's eye view and it's in my brain, clarity has reared its ugly head again - Devoto & McGeoch

Song Choice:- The 1978 'Real Life' album has some great tracks and this album opener has always been on my hit-list. Have a listen yourself here from 'Whistle Test' all those years ago.

Well I'm back from the desert, sadly without my luggage as yet (that's still sunning itself in Morocco) but I'm still wearing a huge smile from the whole MdS Experience with Sir Ranulph. The 'clarity' that Devoto sings of in the above song isn't necessary ugly but it has definitely entered my thoughts over the past couple of weeks and the 156 miles of Sahara Sand provides a wonderful place of solitude. 

It's a great time and place to consider and re-evaluate one's life. It's always been like that for me and it's the reason I return there every year... It's never been about the running for me, it's always been about being at one in the desert and the time for reflection is just priceless.

No doubt the weeks ahead are going to be super-busy and I'm grateful for that but I'm going to keep hold of my clarity, that's reared it's ugly head for as long as possible. 

Do you ever get to feel like that?

More tomorrow...

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