Thursday, 16 April 2015

Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin

Lyric:- 'You are the faith inside me' - Klepaski & Burnley

Song Choice:- Breaking Benjamin are quite a new act to my music repertoire but they have made a sound mark with me especially with the above track and the brilliant anthem, 'The Diary of Jane'.

I had to have faith today as I went out for my first tentative post MdS run. I started with a simple 2.5 mile brisk walk out followed by a jog back home.

Boy it hurt!!! Well the running bit did anyway as it feels like weeks since I ran anything. It's amazing just how out of condition your body can get in such a small time when you are not running and smashing 156 miles of walking in the Sahara Sand.

No doubt there is a bit of PTRD in there too (that's Post Traumatic Race Disorder to you) as it's hard to reignite the furnaces post Sir Ranulph and all that there media.

Ah well, I'll give it another bash tomorrow.

More then...

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