Saturday, 18 April 2015

Election Day - Arcadia

Lyric:- Restless (so restless indeed) - Le Bon, Rhodes & Taylor

Song Choice:- The ‘Duran Duran Lite’ Combo's Election Day track has always been one of my favourites and the lyrics match my mood perfectly my mood today. It’s a great song and my choice has nothing to do with the continuing squabble for UK leadership which is quite frankly a very dull thing to come back to.

It’s the ‘Restless’ part of the lyric that hit home earlier on as that’s how I’m feeling today ‘Post-MdS’, ‘Pre-Deep-Breath-In’, and prior to the next marathon escapade. It’s the lull after the storm I suppose and a state of mind that I don’t enjoy even though I know more good times are around the corner.

A couple of long runs with a few hours of Prog Rock will no doubt help clear my mind of any Desert Debris but for now I know I’m fatigued in Mind, Body and Soul and that it will pass. I’m better off right now just going out and letting the miles cleanse my tiredness and renew my enthusiasm.

Do you ever get like that, sort of totally wiped out? Bit like a Party Leader on a Live TV Debate?

I’d love to know if you do and how you get over it… who'd be a politician eh? 

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