Thursday, 30 April 2015

Happiest Days of our Lives - Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'Exposing every weakness' - Waters

Song Choice:- As the Pink Floyd Tribute continues, I'm here feeling like I doing my homework on the bus catching up on my blogging in the middle of one of the busiest weeks of coaching ever. Don't get me wrong as it's where I'm happiest but it does expose my own weaknesses in my time management  for things in my life outside of running that are also vital for a well-balanced life.

Now it’s easy for me to say that as I know it and I don’t need anyone to point that out to me as I’m fully aware of my own short comings BUT do you find in ‘Your World’, it seems that EVERYONE is only too happy to tell you just how rubbish you are at anything they care to pick on. It’s become a National Habit and with the Election coming up we are again preparing to judge a load of people we’ve never met working out whether we want to vote for them, not by what they are good at but rather where their weaknesses lie.

It’s a bloody tragic state of affairs…The USA has a different way of looking at folk and look rather to folks strengths and want to be associated with people who are successful as they believe it’s better to be associated with Life’s Winners it seems.

I believe we are ALL winners it’s just that we are down-trodden by others who expose weakness for their own gain.

Are you weak? Or are you just told that you're Weak…

Stand Tall Folks!

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